Radishes are commonly used as a salad vegetable and eaten raw.

We've got a serious problem.

Make sure we ask Tanya about it.

Spock smiled amiably.

I'm afraid that I don't want to discuss this matter.

We're busy people.


A taxi is more comfortable than the bus.

I'd never do that for her.

I make it a point never to argue with people like Conrad.

What about you, honey?

I think there's a balance to be had.

Have you got your ID with you?

The King was assaulted by terrorists.

Christophe won't be going with me.

I'd like to stay here until Martha gets back.

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Slartibartfast bent down and looked under the bed.

I can not tell Clarissa from his brother.

I'd like to dedicate this song to Vick.

The ruling party pushed its tax bill through.

Have you told Jussi who your French teacher is?

I have to pull over for a minute.

They should have the right to decide for themselves.

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The boat was swallowed up in the fog.

We should face up to this issue.

Three generations see things three ways.

I guess that's why I love you.

I don't know who wrote this letter.

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There are many birds in this forest.

Sold out.

If I had a nickel for every time I made a mistake, I'd have made cheaper mistakes.

I arrived too late to hear his speech.

I made it work.

The storm-clouds brooded over the valley.

Cole took a breath and then started swimming underwater.

It all happened very quickly.

We're having fun, right?

I wonder how they're going to react.

She can hardly walk, let alone run.

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I'll never forget the experience I had yesterday.


Is your friend a stinker?

Let's order two bottles.

I hate insincere organisations like UN and the European Parliament.

We have the right to bear arms.

I'll go there.


The boy is thin.


Don't play that game.

Take the book that has been left on the table.

Brandon isn't very helpful.

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The police searched Shahid's car.

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Would you like to visit the White House someday?

I can win this time.

The paint hasn't dried yet.


It was time to go to work.

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When I was playing video games in the living room, Mother asked me if I would go shopping with her.

It is likely that he kept me waiting on purpose.

Charlene certainly believes Martha is faithful.

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I wasn't looking at them.

You can't smoke here.

I used to try really hard to get straight As.


What's your opinion on that?

She will be back in less than ten minutes.

Tell Joachim hi for me.

The cold north wind turned the leaves brown.

No sweet without sweat.

The rain made me late.

He was making out with Naim.

I interpreted what he said in French into Japanese.

He's the pigeon.

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I lost the thread of the story.

A bicycle will rust if you leave it in the rain.

The purple alien had 4 arms and 4 legs.

Maybe she is coming.

He stepped aside for an old man to pass.

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His sacrifice will not be in vain.

I have, myself, full confidence that if all do their duty, if nothing is neglected, and if the best arrangements are made, as they are being made, we shall prove ourselves once more able to defend our island home, to ride out the storm of war, and to outlive the menace of tyranny.

In fact, to move at any speed the polar bear uses twice as much energy as do most other mammals.

I regret to inform you that I will be unable to keep our appointment for February 27.

We intend to persist.


We'd never hire Shawn.


Don't waste your breath on them.

Phil wants me to do this now.

I have a feeling you'll be a very good lawyer.

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Even if I had enough money, I wouldn't buy one of those.

I don't expect you to start now.

What would you do if you met a person from another planet?

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Turn off the oven, crack open the oven door and let the Pavlova cool for one hour.


I think Trent works in this office.

We're just chilling.

What's the daily rate for a Toyota?

Tell her that I am helping Taninna with her homework.

I know how you feel about her.

Fish abound in this lake.

It is clear that he is guilty.

Lots of researchers are working to make better batteries that last longer and hold more energy.

Both my parents are still living.

Why don't we shake on it?

Hey, I said I was sorry.

I told him not to come here.

I'm not falling apart.

Try to be a more rational consumer.

Amanda put two sugar cubes in his tea.

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I know who I'm going to vote for.

I will have him repair this watch.

Your mother is right.

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I have no idea who that is either.

This could be dangerous.

I know how hard Roberto has studied.

They dug miles of underground tunnels to resist the enemy attack.

It is probable that he forgot about it.

If for some reason I failed, I'd try again.

Arranging this money order cost $50 in bank fees and commissions.


Were you ever gonna tell me about Olson?


Stanly said I can ride with him.

Susanne and Juha weren't listening to music.

I caught a cold.

There are very few shops and the cinema is awful.

I forgot my PIN number!

You're kidding me, right?

I hope that what you are eating is healthy.


Hurry up, Ian, I'm freezing.

Twelve sailors stand on the deck, looking longingly towards the shore.

What were you two talking about?


I can work late.

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My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.

Sid knew Rodger couldn't speak French.

Julian is much prettier than Alice.

I want you to leave them alone.

It's sheer madness.


It's presumptuous to say that it's "production". Isn't it more processing?

We'd like to start over.

Susan shined your father's shoes.

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You look like an imbecile.


Murray called out for help.

Can you tell us what Jamie did?

I divided my funding into three equal parts.


Soon you will be speaking Portuguese.

I am absorbed in growing herbs and your Web pages are a great help to me.

This region has completely changed.


The guards didn't see them.


I called the police as soon as I saw his dead body on the floor.

I have some pictures that I think that you might be interested in seeing.

No man is a prophet in his own land.

A building, before it can be constructed, has to be visualized hundreds of times in the mind of an architect.

It took a while to build this garage.


"I saw an alien!" shrieked Irvin. "Really?" quipped Earl.

I told Honzo that.

Where are you going to live?


I hate the world because the world hates me.

It's our pleasure.

Gerald leaned over and pressed her head against Norma's shoulder.

I asked him not to bother me.

Becky says he's not happy.

I got lost on my way here.

What contemporary authors do you like?


Who gave them to me?

I just adore your new hat.

Do you understand Marvin?


I call a fig a fig, a spade a spade.

Will Donald Trump be the next president of the United States?

No one's seen him.


He is a man of faith.